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DNC & SMS Services


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Location: D01 Raffles Place, Cecil, Marina, People's Park

Date posted 25 Jun 2014

Price: $ 110

Ad ID: 4228

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DNC Services from 1.2 cents.

SMS Services from 0.4 cents.

Be very safe not to be fine.

Current fine for breaking (DNC) Do Not Call = S$1000.00 to S$10,000.00


Below are rates for checking number against DNC.

Number Of Credits

Retail (SGD)

GSS 2014 (SGD)




















All enquiries welcome. For more info, please Call/SMS +65 9354 2848.


Note from Singapore Government DNC:

Check the Registry Before You Do Telemarketing

With effect from 2 January 2014, Organisations must check with the DNC Registry to ensure that the Singapore telephone numbers that they are sending telemarketing messages to, are not listed in the Registry.

FAQs for Organisations


  1. What is 'personal data'?
  2. When will the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) come into force?
  3. What are the objectives of the PDPA?
  4. How does the PDPA benefit organisations?
  5. How will the PDPA impact business costs?
  6. How is the PDPA different from the Spam Control Act?
  7. What is 'deemed' consent?
  8. What constitutes 'acting in personal or domestic capacity'?
  9. What is 'business contact information'?
  10. What are data intermediaries and how are they different from other organisations?
  11. Can organisations use existing feedback or enquiries channels to handle data protection enquiries and requests?
  12. Must all organisations appoint a data protection officer?
  13. Must the data protection officer be an employee based in Singapore?

Collection, Use & Disclosure

  1. How much personal data can an organisation collect?
  2. What can an organisation do with respect to existing personal data collected before the effective date of the data protection rules on 2 July 2014?
  3. How can an organisation obtain an individual's consent for the collection, use or disclosure of his or her personal data?
  4. Is the failure to opt out a form of consent?
  5. Can an organisation selling databases containing personal data to other organisations continue to do so after the PDPA comes into effect?

Access & Correction

  1. Must an organisation always provide access to an individual's personal data when a request is made?
  2. What personal data must an organisation provide when an individual submits an access request?
  3. Can an organisation charge a fee for access requests?
  4. Must an organisation provide correction to an individual's personal data when a request is made?
  5. Can an organisation charge a fee for correction requests?

Care of Personal Data

  1. How long can an organisation retain its customers' personal data for?
  2. What must an organisation do to ensure the personal data collected is protected?
  3. What are the rules on cross-border transfer of personal data?

Do Not Call Registry


  1. What does an organisation need to do in order to send out marketing messages to Singapore telephone numbers?
  2. When will the DNC Registry be ready?
  3. What are the DNC Registers available?
  4. What telephone numbers can be registered with the DNC Registry?
  5. Will telephone numbers registered with the DNC Registry expire?
  6. For organisations that are currently using a list of contacts for the purpose of telemarketing, is clear and unambiguous consent from the individuals in that list still required to continue using that contact list for telemarketing when the DNC provisions come into effect on 2 January 2014?
  7. Do organisations have to check the DNC Registry for all telemarketing messages they intend to send out?
  8. Can an organisation rely on the Exemption Order to continue sending telemarketing messages to an individual that it has an ongoing relationship with?
  9. What is meant by an 'ongoing relationship'?
  10. Will the DNC Registry cover overseas telemarketers?
  11. Are business-to-business (B2B) marketing calls or messages covered under the DNC Registry?
  12. Are telemarketing messages sent through applications such as WhatsApp covered under the DNC provisions?
  13. Are emails and mail delivered by post covered under the DNC Registry?
  14. If an organisation has obtained consent from an individual who is registered with the DNC Registry, can the organisation send telemarketing messages to him or her?
  15. What are the payment modes available?
  16. What information will appear on my credit card statement?
  17. What is the PDPC's bank account information?

Account Creation

  1. How can an organisation create an account with or check the DNC Registry?
  2. How much will it cost organisations to create an account with and check the DNC Registry?
  3. What are the types of accounts available?
  4. How many sub accounts can be created?
  5. When will the account be activated?
  6. Can the sub-account be issued to a different business entity such as a subsidiary?
  7. Can we terminate our DNC Registry account and request for a refund of the account creation fee?

Checking the Registry

  1. When must an organisation check the DNC Registry?
  2. How can an organisation check the DNC Registry?
  3. Can an organisation directly upload its list of telephone numbers to the DNC Registry?
  4. If an organisation checks on behalf of another organisation, does the latter also need an account with the DNC Registry?
  5. What is the validity period of the telephone numbers that have been submitted to the DNC Registry for checking?
  6. Will organisations be required to develop IT systems in order to check the DNC Registry?
  7. Can an organisation link its own system with the DNC Registry to facilitate checks?
  8. Does the PDPC endorse any third-party aggregator that offers to check the DNC Registry on behalf of others?
  9. Can we request for a refund of the duplicate numbers or duplicate files that were submitted for checking?


  1. What is the difference between purchasing credits through Pre-paid and Pay-per-use?
  2. How soon can an organisation use the credits purchased?
  3. Are the credits separately tagged to each main or sub account?
  4. Can the credits be transferred between sub accounts?
  5. Will unused credits be refunded?
  6. Can we opt for offline payment for transactions less than $5,000?
  7. Can we get a refund of the pre-paid credits that we have purchased but not utilised?

Informal Guidance

  1. Will the PDPC respond to all informal guidance applications?
  2. How soon can an organisation expect a response from the PDPC?
  3. Will informal guidance still be available when the PDPA is fully enforced?
  4. If the PDPC has agreed to provide informal guidance on an organisation's practices, will its practices be considered in breach of the PDPA while awaiting PDPC’s informal guidance on these practices?
  5. Will the submissions in informal guidance be used against an organisation in any future investigations organised by the PDPC?
  6. If an organisation's application is selected, will it be published?
  7. What is the scope of the informal guidance?
  8. How can an organisation follow up on an Informal Guidance query sent?

Advisory Guidelines

  1. How can the Advisory Guidelines help organisations?
  2. Will an organisation be considered compliant with the PDPA so long as it adheres to the Guidelines?
  3. Are the Guidelines considered legal advice by the PDPC?
  4. Do I have to pay for the Guidelines?
  5. When will the PDPC issue the next set of Guidelines? What will the Guidelines cover?


  1. How will the PDPC conduct an investigation into a DNC offence?
  2. What are the penalties for DNC Registry related offences?
  3. Do organisations have to keep records of ‘clear and unambiguous consent’ by individuals and when do organisations need to show that such consent was obtained?
  4. Can an organisation carry on with business during an inspection by the PDPC?
  5. Will the PDPC take away any original documents during an on-site investigation?
  6. What can an organisation do if it does not have any of the documents or information which the PDPC has requested for it to produce during an investigation?
  7. Can the PDPC enter an organisation’s premises without a warrant?
  8. Can an organisation request for legal advice before the PDPC enters its premises?
  9. If an organisation has certain security policies such as the prohibition of entry to those with cameras or laptops, can the organisation stop the PDPC from bringing such items into its premises?


  1. Where can an organisation seek help?
  2. Are the events organised by the PDPC chargeable?
  3. Who are the target audiences for the events?
  4. How many employees can an organisation send to attend the events?
  5. What is the maximum number of participants for each event?
  6. How often does the PDPC organise such events?
  7. Where can the details of each event be found?
  8. How can organisations be kept up to date about PDPC's outreach activities?
  9. Should organisations attend data protection courses offered by third parties and are these courses endorsed by PDPC?

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